Maritime Bureau – Law Firm remains always on standby to provide, at the high level of efficiency and quality, a full range of claims handling services meeting today’s requirements of the shipping industry.

We are sufficiently experienced in giving comprehensive assistance to Shipowners, Cargo owners, Charterers, Operators, Carriers on a vast majority of shipping issues which are mainly concerned with protection of assets and different disputes.

Our flexibility allows us to meet demands of every particular client who is seeking our attendance at any stage of his problem and our “must” rule is to be available all day and night long to deal with the problem in the most effective way – be it routine handling, an intervention at any stage of claim, undertaking precautionary measures or actions at spot, full claims management on a regular basis or others.

Since 2011 Maritime Bureau - Law Firm is a member to “Shiparrested.com” association - a network of top-practicing maritime lawyers.